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A wedding day is often one of the most special days in an individuals and couples life. Getting married and exchanging vows in front of family and friends is an event that deserves being captured to look back on in years to come. It is the beginning of a new chapter in life and the consideration as to whom to entrust in this process of recording such a wonderful occasion is an important consideration to make.

Panomatics videographers are highly experienced when it comes to producing 360 VR wedding videos for our clients. There are many aspects that go into the production of a VR wedding video (as compared to corporate), as we have to coordinate shoot logistics with different parties: the bride and groom, the wedding officiator, caterers and the reception venue personnel. The virtual reality wedding planning begins with the two most important individuals during this process: the wedding couple. It is with them that we discuss what the virtual reality video should capture including details and desired look.

memories for eternity

Livestream your love and devotion for your friends and family members who can’t make the big day. But hey––it’s not all about them! While you’re busy making your vows and toasting with Dom Perignon, you’re missing out on all the other action. A 360 panorama virtual tour of the most memorable day of your life offers a totally different perspective, one that’s impossible to achieve without state-of-the-art technology, expert skill, and precise planning. Capture the magic in every corner, on every face, at every minute.

storyboard and preparation

To ensure a smooth VR 360 wedding video production, we create a storyboard (similar to the ones created for corporate videos), which we discuss and confirm with the couple to show them the entire process from start to finish. A typical storyboard for a wedding might consist of the following:

Introduction of the bride and groom
Preparatory scenes; bride and groom getting ready for the big occasion
Guests arriving at the place of VR wedding ceremony
The bride getting getting into and out of the wedding car
Bride arriving at the place of ceremony
Bride walking down the aisle towards the groom
The exchanging of vows
The bride and groom walking down the aisle and getting into the wedding car
The bride and groom arriving at the venue for the reception
A few short clips of guests at the reception
The best man and grooms’ speeches
The bride and groom leaving the venue

options and features

Sometimes - to add a little humor to the 360 VR weddings - a couple may opt for us to include some b-roll scenes also: bloopers, or even short clips from the stag party or hen night at the end of their video or other tales of wedding rings vr.

Regarding the set-up of our equipment, we also schedule a meeting (well in advance of the actual event) with the officiator of the 360 wedding to ensure that we are not blocking any of the wedding guests’ views while still being able to capture the most impressive scenes of the couple and ceremony. Some locations (such as churches) have restrictions as it pertains to filming, so we make sure that all scene locations are approved by the officiator in advance. This same protocol is also done for the location of the wedding reception where we coordinate positioning and locations with the reception organizers/staff.

The camera equipment we use also has the option of streaming the event live on the web via sim card, allowing any guests that cannot make it to the wedding to have the occasion of attending this event remotely via our VR wedding video live streaming.

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