Interactive 360° VR Videography

We are also the market leaders when it comes to 360 video production. We have always created some amazing videos for our clients, then when interactive 360 videos came onto the market, we approached our clients who appreciated the idea of having a complete 360 video service for their property, and upgraded to this new technology.

If you Google 360 video cameras there are a variety of different cameras available to purchase, from the very basic with 2 fish eye lenses, which are great for home use and very basic low definition 360 video production. However, if you are looking to have the best quality 8k 360-degree video production there are two main items you need, firstly a highly professional videographer who can set a scene, always look for the best location, and prepare the area to the clients branding and requirement, secondly to have the highest quality interactive 360 video equipment available. Besides creating the highest quality 360-degree video production, all of our 360 video cameras can live stream events via the internet, so if it is a wedding, a corporate event or any other event we can always help you with this type of media and service.

360° videos

the world in motion

Panomatics’ portfolio also includes high-end 360 VR Videos which we produce for our clients. Using cutting-edge equipment, including shooting all videos in high quality 8k, our client base includes hospitality venues, golf courses, industrial facilities, museums and cultural institutions, schools, universities, and more.

360° VIDEOs - capture reality

Our main clients for 360-degree video production are the hospitality sector, hotel video tours and MICE, however we have created many videos for the following fields:

scools and universities
Invite new students into an exclusive life experience with an impressive virtual campus tour.
Factories & Warehouses
Make your media count with enhanced virtual content of your facilities & production process.
real estate & properties
Invite investors & buyers on a spectacular 360° virtual tour of your property & development plan.
golf courses
Up your game and improve your handicap with an aerial-shot visual map of the entire course.
Relive that extraordinary day again and again with sharp and exquisite 360° video capture.

conception & production

All great videos or movies start with a story, whether a standard video or an amazing 360-degree video production. It’s the same with Panomatics, we have a meeting with the client and get a brief of what they are looking to achieve from one of our interactive 360 videos, what type of 360 video service they are looking for, which areas they would like to cover, if there is any action or models, they would like to include in the video.

Once we have determined what type of interactive 360 video production the client requires, we hand all of the information over to our creative design team who draft up a detailed 360 videography story board for all the scenes and areas they would like to cover.

Once the client has approved the story board, we pass it onto our highly experienced 360 video production team who will liaise with the client to book in the project and plan for the photoshoot. The beauty with using up-to-date, hi tech professional equipment is that it makes it easier for our videographers to complete their side of the 360-video production, the equipment even has amazing professional software that stitches everything together for us, ensuring a perfect interactive 360 video every time.