Official Virtual Google Tours

Panomatics are highly recognised as being the market leaders when creating HD 360 virtual tours for our clients, whether it’s an international corporate client or a small one-man band. Our client’s virtual tours are not just an amazing business tool and a great visual effect for their websites, they can also be a very powerful business tool they can use off-line on their iPads, tablets etc. in promoting their companies, facilities and services without the need of an internet connection.

We can also convert our clients HD virtual tours into a basic Google Tour, these are a slightly lower quality virtual tour which are uploaded onto all of the Google search engines, this is another great way to promote your company worldwide. The Google tours can show all of the same areas as their HD virtual tours, but the requirements and constraints from Google are slightly different. The main condition from them is that the photography is done in JPEG not Raw format, this is to save memory space on Google server when we upload it onto their search engines. Also, the client’s logo, their info buttons, map buttons and motion hybrid videos or any of the features we offer are not placed on the Google tour, it is a bare basic tour with no frills or addons that we upload.

360° google tours

suitable for every format

Influence prospective customers to choose your business over a competitor’s. Get better traffic to your site. Increase your distribution. Be virtual, visible, linked to, and liked by browsers, buyers, and supportive businesses.

Sharp and seductive 360 degree virtual tour photography showcases your business and enhances your Google My Business listing, attracting the right attention and grabbing you a higher ranking in Google SERPs.

According to Google, 41% of the searches that produce 360 content result in an onsite visit. But your business is better than average. In fact, it surpasses the competition, so your VT tour should exemplify that in the first frame.

As a virtual tour service company, we capture and produce high-end images of your business location and interior and optimize them for Google Business View.

our quality measures and procedures

Many virtual tour companies can only offer Google tours to their clients, as they don’t have the knowledge, experience or technology to create a HD tour similar to the ones we can generate. They also use the very basic equipment that is available in the marketplace today to make a Google tour, whereas we use the same high-tech equipment ensuring a high-quality image without any pixelation or blurring.

A lot of companies who look at our competitors for a virtual tour are unaware of the setup and equipment that is required, they are under the illusion that they are all the same, but they are not. When we create a virtual tour, we always ensure the following procedures are complied with.

State of the Art Equipment
Choose innovative technology over traditional tools for more effective & competitive results.
Image Retouching
Enhance the color, contrast, and definition of your VT with skillful and impeccable editing.
setup & preparation
Tell a more seductive story with a scene that perfectly captures the essence of your offering.
google standards
Surpass the ordinary and reach for higher VT quality to achieve the most immaculate finish.
gps embedding
Expand your reach and improve accessibility & rank using expertly embedded maps & tracking.
traffic & measuring
Gain precise knowledge of monthly metrics to extend your VT’s reach & conquer the SERPs.
public & privacy
Make your data collection practices transparent and highly efficient to expand your audience.

essentials for a perfect production

Many companies who create Google tours and do not adhere to the above requirements may get their tour rejected by Google when they try to upload, as Panomatics is a highly experienced approved Google tour supplier, we are well aware of what is necessary to create, not just an amazing quality Google tour, but also how to make your tour work for you within all the Google search engines.